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Social Media, Viral Videos, and the Value of Zombie Insurance

I have to admit that the title of this post is one that I would never have predicted would land on my blog, but at the same time, I must also admit that I think it somehow fulfills a hidden sub-consious (and very twisted) childhood play fantasy.

I am currently in a Social Media Marketing class, and as part of the class we are assigned to a real company, and put in charge of their social media campaign. My group ended up working for Arrowstorm Entertainment, an independent production company and film investment fund. They recently finished filming a movie titled “Osombie” – here’s a short synopsis:

Osombie is an independently-produced, feature-length zombie film, packed with violence, mayhem, guns, blood and discussions about Pokemon. Oh, and zombies. Lots of zombies.

In short, Osama bin Laden has returned from his watery grave and is making an army of zombie terrorists. I know, awesome right?

Anyways, this is a pretty low budget film, and the team at Arrowstorm decided to beef up the funding (and get some free marketing for the film) by doing a Kickstarter campaign. None of this is all that exciting, but they also decided to give a 48 hour exclusive to the release of the film trailer to Quiet Earth.

RESULTS: It’s been 7 days since the Kickstarter campaign went live – they have raised over $11,000, have almost 200,000 views on Youtube, and I just got an e-mail showing Osombie on the home page of theĀ New York Daily News site.

LESSON: Dead Terrorist + Zombies + Exclusivity + Zombie Insurance = Viral Video Success

For your viewing pleasure:

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